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Why you Need DEWBU® Heated Jacket This Winter?

Why you Need DEWBU® Heated Jacket This Winter?

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Whatever you are in the city town or outdoors, the cold like a "Magic Attack".

We're smack-dab in the middle of a period where outside workers' direct exposure to extreme winter problems places them at severe risk for developing a variety of cold-related health problems varying from frostbite to hypothermia. But taking proper precautionary measures and wearing appropriate PPE can decrease and oftentimes eliminate those dangers.

Are Layers Will Help?

In wintry outside or unheated interior settings, the body devotes a lot of its calories to maintain its core temperature level, by redirecting blood far from its extremities to its core. This makes revealed skin and extremities cool quickly, and increases the risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

Layers can sometimes bunch up and feel bulky, decrease the range of motion, and limit performance.

Conventional knowledge holds that the very best way for employees (or any individual else) to combat severe problems and stay warm is to wear a base, center, and external layer. Base layers work as the first layer of insulation while wicking moisture far from the body, center layers provide additional insulation, and, as the first protection versus the components, external layers protect the wearer from wind, rainfall, and snow.

But unless the articles of garments in shape like a set of Russian nesting dolls, layers can sometimes bunch up and feel bulky, decrease the range of motion, and limit performance.

Take the Much less Limiting Cours Employees should find an external layer that's a resilient first line of protection, but also insulating and warming. There are a lot of choices when it comes to winter garments and PPE, but it is hard to beat a top-quality heated jacket for heat and versatility. This is specifically attractive to those that want to wear fewer layers, those that prefer or need an extended range of motion, and those that want to conveniently personalize their heat.

That is where battery-operated heated coats come into play. For example, the DEWBU® Heated Jacket flaunts 2 strategically-placed heat areas on the breast and back, bringing heat to the core body areas, powered by a rechargeable light-weight 7.4V/12V Lithium-Ion battery that provides between 3 and 10 hrs of continuous heat. BTW, the 12V power can be connected to your car or motorcycles. It has flexible heat setups in situations of temperature level.

Winter isn't easy. Getting ready for work means piling on layers of clothes, commutes can be bitterly chilly, and outside experiences often feel difficult. But the latest and greatest in outerwear technology is changing all that.

Heated jackets integrate the unparalleled heat you need in the heart of winter with stylish appearances that can be worn anywhere and in all periods. Here are 5 reasons you should wear a heated jacket this winter.

  • 1.Forget the Bulk

Winter isn't the best period for stylish clothes. That is because you often need several layers — a hat, gloves, thick socks, and a coat — simply to leave your home. With a warmed winter coat, you can ditch the layers and let the battery-powered heating technology do the help you. With the right heated jacket, you can even wear your summer tops in winter.

  • 2.Skip the Weather Forecast

The weather report does not issue as a lot in winter when you know you will be warm. The best-heated jackets come equipped with several warming areas in various components of the layer — breast, back, and various other locations. DEWBU® battery-heated apparels offer 3 temperature level setups so you can customize your heat to fit the changing weather.

  • 3.Stay on Trend

Until battery-heated jackets, it was nearly difficult to at the same time appearance great and stay warm in the winter season. DEWBU® has designed a variety of men's and women's battery-heated jackets that are so stylish, you will wear them also when the heating technology isn't needed. From hooded parkas and duck down-quilted layers to lightweight athleisure outerwear, DEWBU® has combined the latest trends with the very best heating technology.

  • 4.You Can Even Forego Gloves

In the winter season, failing to remember your gloves in your home can ruin a whole day. But when you are wearing a warmed winter coat, your hands can be warm at perpetuities. The very best heated jackets feature warming areas in the pockets so you can slip your hands inside and instantly warm them to any temperature setting you, please. And yes, DEWBU® battery-heated jackets did it.

  • 5.Stay Connected

Heated jackets are mainly applauded for their warming technology, but they feature various other state-of-the-art technology too. In fact, all DEWBU® battery-heated jackets consist of 5-Volt, 7.4-Volt or 12-Volt USB output for billing mobile devices, enabling you to stay connected also in the harshest winter and outdoors problems.


Find the Finest Heated Coat

DEWBU® offers one of the best choices of heated jackets on the marketplace. Its choice of battery-heated outerwear consists of items of differing designs, shades and thicknesses to fit any temperatures — from cool to bitter chilly. Each coat features carbon-fiber heating technology in 5 core warming areas, consisting of the left chest, right chest,mid-back,left sleeve and right sleeve.

There is simply no better way to maintain or increase your body heat when winter undoubtedly strikes. Browse our choice of stylish and technical battery-heated jackets, and change the way you view winter today.

Here are 6 reasons why DEWBU's heated jacket is the best.

1.Weight: With fewer layers on, this medium-weight coat will reduce the overall weight of the wearer.

2.Versatility: With its foldable or removable hat, outdoors and daily job in the office is also a nice transition item from are up to winter.

3.Battery: It has a small battery, significantly lighter weight compared to a device battery. Should the battery pass away, each coat comes standard with an adapter cable that allows the rechargeable coat to warm up off device batteries. Substitute batteries are also available.

4.No Bunching: While others have loosened linings, all the DEWBU's heated jacket is fixed and not fleece-lined. So this is one coat that will not bunch up.

5.Machine Wash: All DEWBU heated jackets are machine-washable, so there is no need to take them to the dry cleaners or worry about that mustard discolor from lunch. That said, ensure you air dry it. But its energy will not imply diddly unless you know how to operate it.

6.It makes the BEST present! Also if you cannot use it on your own or even if you currently have one, why not bring a grin to someone else's face this winter with this as an existing? It comes with a battery and charger also so you can get a 2nd battery while you are at it (on your own, of course.) Issue of truth, obtain everybody in your life among these jackets, they'll THANK you for it!

DEWBU® soft-shell Heated jacket is made of black quilted material that is wind and water-resistant to assist you to stay warm through snow, slush, sleet, and icy rainfall, with protected layering and carbon fiber technology to maintain maximum heat coverage. And they're machine cleanable for easy clean-up, regardless of where your winter adventure takes you.

Regardless of where your winter adventures take you this year — from the snowy inclines to the applauding area of your kids' showing off occasions and everywhere between — our new DEWBU® Heated Coat Sets will maintain you warm and snug.