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Designed specifically for hunting -- Camo tree heated Jacket.

Designed specifically for hunting -- Camo tree heated Jacket.

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Hunting is the outdoors, and the outdoors is hunting. If there is anyone who is known to have the right equipment in order, it’s the hunter. There are many reasons to look forward to hunting season; for many it is the unity hunters share, the immersive wilderness experience and the bounty of a good season. DEWBU Heat Cloths makes the experience even better, with comfortable and practical hunting clothes that add heat when needed. Not all hunting is active and producing heat, and it those moments DEWBU can lend a hand.

Extreme cold weather requires heated hunting clothes and gear! Hunters who have already used them have expressed their joy and happiness.

Hunting jacket

Get the DEWBU heated hunting clothes and gear and you will get 100 percent satisfaction and comfort. Cover your body with cozy warmth that will protect your body from severe cold.

The Heater Body Suit is the ultimate piece of cold weather hunting gear. Whether you’re hunting the cold winters of Wisconsin, or chasing monster bucks up in Canada, the Heater Body Suit will keep you warm and alert throughout the duration of your hunt. No longer do you have to worry about heated battery packs or hand and foot warmers to keep you comfortable. The Heater Body Suit traps your own body heat inside the suit, creating a warm pocket of air that is guaranteed to keep you warm.

A simple press of a button located on your chest lets you toggle between three heat settings of high (140 degrees), medium (125 degrees), and low (110 degrees). Red, white, and blue LED lights inside the button will indicate the current heat setting. The 12V battery will last for up to ten hours on low and features a USB port so you can charge your phone while on the go. Enough for a full day of hunting. 

The jacket comes with seven pockets to store tons of gear. The camo water-resistant outer shell ensures you won’t ruin your cover.

 camo heated jacket

Heated Jacket For Hunters

Made of a tough outer camo shell suitable for hunting, fishing and camping, the Dewbu Camo Heated Jacket stands up to the harshest weather. 

The removable hood has a neck and face guard to provide even more protection against the cold, especially welcomed during long hours sitting in a duck blind or on an icy lake. Power source, battery and charger are included.

There are two large-heating zones in the left&right-belly will warm your hands at the same time.

The Hunting jacket from DEWBU lets you blend into the background with the Mossy Oak Break Up pattern on the wind- and water-resistant poly softshell outer shell. Keep warm while you wait for the perfect shot with the Shadow's 3-zone heating. When the wind howls, pull up the hoodie and cinch it down tight. The Heated Hoodie is an outdoors man's best friend!

Oak tree jacket

The DEWBU heated jacket provides powerful warmth, comfort and durability. This great heated coat includes 12V rechargeable battery pack as well as a 12V motorcycle battery harness so you can bring the heat with you while riding or doing any other outdoor cold weather activities. Some folks call this a "heated sweatshirt" but no matter what you call it, this thing will really keep you warm!